Green Dreams

Green Dreams

Last week i felt the pain of the okada ban in spirit, in body and in pocket. These riding companies are not even helping the situation.  How can a 3 minutes ride be 800 naira?? By the end of the week, It will be exactly one year since elections. This country  doesn’t get better but worse by the day.

Someone said “if you push Nigerians to the wall, they will break the wall and keep going backwards ” really pathetic.  We survive everything thats why the country never thriv es. The most annoying people are those whom because of small comforts don’t understand the predicament of others. If this country is any good, your little comforts will be great pleasures for you.

In these times, do not underestimate the place of fellowship in God’s presence,  thats how we draw strength to do each day in a country like Nigeria

To church  I wore a culottes pants and white top and color blocked it with royal blue clutch and shoe. I’m almost or I’m 6 feet with this shoe,  so not comfortable 😭 or i need more pratice? You can place your orders  via social media pages. Thanks for your time😘


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